Trade Show Events -

Keep your Salad Fresh for Days

at the

Atlanta International Gift Show

 BOOTH LOCATION in the New West Wing

AmericasMart Building 2

West Wing 2nd Floor  BOOTH # 2-507


 "A Must for Every Kitchen"

Please stop by and try some of our fresh salad made using the Salad Sac!


Celebrating -

24 Years 

          of   "Fresh" Salad






Salad Sac™

Salad Sac Small.JPG

Tired of tossing out your brown and wilted lettuce?

Our Salad Sac is the answer...

  • Keeps your veggies fresh for days! 
  • Great for making extra salad ahead of time!
  • Eliminates lettuce spinning and costly paper towels!

Made of a special grade of super absorbent 100% cotton, it preserves the freshness of your salad by allowing excess moisture to escape into the Salad Sac. Use it for other vegetables and herbs too! Get some for home, the cottage, and your friends.

The Salad Sac is durable and reusable.

The Salad Sac will last for years and is very easy to maintain!

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